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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does it take for to ship my order? will ship your order within 24 hours.

    • What are the shipping methods used to ship?

      USPS, UPS, FedEx are our top main shippers for all orders.

    • Shipping Options?

      We do provide several shipping options, like 2 day shipping, express shipping, usps shipping, flat rate shipping, free shipping, and more. At the checkout you will be able to select your preferred shipping option.

    • Can I ship my order to different state?

      Yes, you can ship the order to a different state, however we will do additional identity check just to make sure that the order will not end up in the wrong place. apologizes for any inconvenience from our side.

    • Do I need an account?

      Yes, you do need an account with to be able to track the packages, and for us to provide you with a full list of your past orders.

    • How to create an account at ?

      You will need to click on Log In  and on the left side you will see Create An Account click it.  Fill in all required information.

      *First Name,
      *Last Name
      *Email Address( I do recommend signing up for our Newsletters to received updates on Discounts and New Products
      *Confirmation Password
      Click on Submit

      You will be redirected to My Dashboard, with a Thank You message displayed. Under My Account on the left you will have 12 topics to choose from to get you started.

    • How to check the status of my order?

      You may check the status of your order at your account on our website by filling in the email and password, than clicking on Sign In and then you will be able to see Order Status and your order history in the left column of the website under My Dashboard. You may also look for your tracking number in your emails from . We do send confirmation email with the tracking number for the convenience.

    • My order is pending, why?

      You order might be pending if we don't have the item in stock or if the credit card information did not go through. However, will contact you if the item is out of stock or the credit card information is wrong before putting the order on pending status. 

    • My order is shipped but no tracking number, why?

      If the status says that the order has been shipped, you should receive an email stating your tracking number, please allow 24 to 48 hours for information to appear where your package is currently.

    • Can I make changes on my order?

      You cannot make any changes after the order was submitted to our warehouse.

    • How to cancel my order?

      If the order get's shipped from our facility we are unable to cancel the order. However, if you call us before the order is shipped or has not left from our facilities we should be able to cancel the order, but if it is in our ware house we are not able to cancel it. Due to high amount of packages.

    • Do you ship worldwide?

      Yes, ships worldwide.

    • Will I be emailed tracking number?

      Yes, you will be emailed tracking number once the order has been processed by us, and the carrier.

    • FedEx, UPS showed up 2 times and I was not home, what to do now?

      If you were not home to pick up a package, FedEx or UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your package. Each attempt they will leave a note that you have a package and it can be picked up from the nearest FedEx or UPS location. You may also schedule for them to come at a different time by calling Fedex or UPS.

    • Motorcycle Patches

      Our motorcycle patches come in different sizes, starting with A and ending at E. A being the largest patches, and E being the smallest patches.

      A - Largest Motorcycle Patches
      B - Large Motorcycle Patches
      C - Medium Motorcycle Patches
      D - Small Motorcycle Patches
      E - Smallest Motorcycle Patches 

    • Why there are two Dream Apparel Logos?

      The reason for us having two Dream Apparel Brand logos is that the design with the wings is strictly for motorcycle clothing, and the design for motorcycle accessories is the skull with wings design.